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Summer 2018 Class Schedule

Master Thesis: current topics

  • Transportation Service Network Design under Uncertainty (Transmetrics)
  • Entwicklung eines Optimierungstools zur Auswahl idealer Materialanstellungskonzepte je Bauteil in der Fahrzeugendmontage (Porsche Consulting)
  • Entwicklung eines Optimierungstools zur Frachtkostenreduktion durch Identifikation idealer Sendungsbündelungen (Porsche Consulting)
  • Clustering and frequency planning of vending machines
  • Modulare Scheduling-Heuristik für flexible Produktionsstrukturen
  • Heuristics for price, leadtime quotation and order dispatching
  • The impact of customer forecast quality on the supplier’s production strategy and required inventory
  • City logistics
  • Safety stock planning for products with intermittent demand
  • Simulation Optimization for Bidding Strategies in Procurement Auctions
  • Procurement Under Price Uncertainty
  • for more details and more topics see here

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Bachelor Thesis: current topics

Project Study: current topics

  • Modulare Scheduling-Heuristik für flexible Produktionsstrukturen
  • Market analysis of SaaS systems in logistics
  • Market analysis of routing software
  • Evaluation and comparison of technical advances in urban logistics
  • Evaluation and comparison of urban logistics concepts
  • Value Stream Mapping (Océ, Poing)
  • Optimierung der Lieferplanung (drink now)
  • Knowledge Management in the Automotive Supply Industry (Faurecia)
  • Safety stock planning for products with intermittent demand
  • Footprint Optimization in the Automotive Supply Industry
  • Processing and Analysis of Car-Sharing Data
  • Comparative Study of Inventory Management Solutions for Spare Parts
  • Network Design for Munich
  • for more details and more topics see here

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Interdisciplinary Project (IDP)

  • Mobile Application for Crowd-Sourced Delivery (advisor: Sebastian Malicki)
  • Interface for Timetabling Software (advisor: Dr. Pirmin Fontaine)
  • Data Analytics and Visualization of Sales KPI’s, Route Utilization and Revenue Development in Context of Logistics Industry (Transport Heroes) (advisor: tbd)
  • Metaheuristics for Vehicle Routing Problems (advisor: Szymon Albinski)
  • for more details and more topics see here




Own thesis ideas

    For a list of further topics in the areas of transportation logistics, inventory management, warehouse management, retail, supply chain management, procurement and sourcing, lot sizing or production systems, send an email request with your preferred topic areas to

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