Strategic Partnerships: Turning Knowledge into Value

We focus on real-world applications and business cases, maintaining close ties between researchers, students, and business community. Therefore, we collaborate with business partners from a variety of industries and countries in order to:

  • Turn knowledge into pragmatic management advise ››› more
  • Support rigorous academic investigation and cutting-edge research ››› more
  • Promote student learning experiences, e.g., with project studies and thesis offers ››› more
  • Provide job opportunities and career paths ››› more

Valuable long-term partnerships with leading companies and research institutions extend the Logistics & Supply Chain Management’s reach into local, national and international business communities, creating relationships that spur management innovations, foster logistics excellence, and produce relevant business outcomes:

  • Faurecia (world's sixth-largest automotive equipment supplier), LOG-SCM, and École Centrale Paris set up a long-term partnership with the objective of taking Manufacturing and Logistics Excellence in the Automotives to a new level ››› more